Friday, 29 January 2016

The atheist who didn't exist

I really looked forward to reading this book by Andy Bannister, which carries the sub-title 'the dreadful consequences of bad arguments.'  This book is clever and readable, and addresses the some of the common arguments put forward by the 'new atheists.'  If you have ever argued with an atheist who claimed that 'I believe in God in the same way as I believe in Santa' (as one friend said to me), 'atheism has enriched my life' or 'atheism is not a belief system' then this book is for you.

I have only one reservation about this book.  Those who know me will be aware that I have an over-the-top-and quite-annoying sense of humour.  So I was surprised to find that I found this book contained too many wisecracks for me. The humour in the main body of the book appealed to me, but I got irritated with the endless funny comments in the footnotes.  Nevertheless, don't let that put you off a really engaging book.

You can read a sample chapter here: 

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