Saturday, 23 January 2016

The Dawkins letters

David Robertson writes (in 2007) as a forty-four year old Presbyterian minister in Scotland.  He writes what Richard Dawkins calls a ‘flee book’ (a book feeding off his books).  This is certainly a great flee.
Robertson’s book consists of a series of letters sent to Dawkins (the first of which Dawkins posted on his website).  Robertson regularly engages on Dawkins’s site, and debates many atheists in public.  The letters in this book are well-written, and often very amusing.  There is, however, one sentence I would remove from the book (and if anyone ever reads this review and then reads the book they can try to guess which one).  The book is short, easy to read, informative and entertaining.  It highlights some of the well-known weaknesses in Dawkins’s reasoning, but also contains Robertson's own original thinking and unique style.
If you want engage with ‘the myth of atheist rationality and tolerance’, ‘the myth of the science/religion conflict’ or ‘the myth of religious child abuse’ why not take the few enjoyable hours it would take to read this book!
P.S. Turns out you don't have to buy this book.  These letters are contained on the '' website.

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