Wednesday, 21 January 2015

What atheists believe about Christianity

David Robertson lists a number of things that atheists believe about Christianity:

1.  Christianity is a belief that's equivalent to a fairy story.  It is based on faith, which is defined as belief without, or contrary to, the evidence.
2.  The Bible is a primatial book written by illiterate desert shepherds who reflect the horrendous morality of their barbaric culture.
3.  Christians only believe because of their parents or predominant culture.
4.  Christians are intolerant bigoted fanatics and a bit dumb.
5.  Christians and the church are anti-science.
6.  Christianity is based on revelation, not reason.
7.  Christians are trapped, repressed and need to be set free.
8.  Christianity is the "regressive" position for society, a return to the dark ages.
9.  Some Christians do good things but it is in spite of, rather than because of, their Christianity.  Religion is seen as the root of all evil.
10.  Jesus is unnecessary.
11.  Suffering proves that the God of the. Bible does not exist.
12.  The Christian belief in the afterlife is pie in the sky when you die, and results in people wasting their lives on earth.

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