Tuesday, 20 January 2015

What atheists believe about atheism

In his book, 'Engaging with atheists', David Robertson lists twelve beliefs that atheists have about atheism.  They are:

1. Atheism is not a belief or faith.
2.  If God did exist then, if he is the God of the Bible, he is an ogre.
3.  Atheist is the default position of humanity.
4.  Atheism/agnosticism is the default position of intelligent, open minded and tolerant people.
5.  Atheism is the scientific position.
6.  Atheism is based on reason.
7.  Atheism sets people free.
8. Atheism is the "progressive" position for society.
9.  Some atheists do bad things but in spite of, rather than because of their atheism.
10. Human beings are fundamentally good.
11.  Sometimes life sucks and we just have to grin and bear it.
12.  We're on the road to nowhere.

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