Saturday, 2 August 2014

Prophetic insight

Over the summer I read 'The God I never knew' by Robert Morris.  While I believe that the so-called charismatic gifts are for today I did not agree with his understanding of baptism in the Spirit, found some of his exegesis to be very stretched, and felt that he only counteracted extreme forms of opposition to the classical Pentecostal position.  It you want to read a thorough reflection of charismatic gifts I recommend Don Carson's 'Showing the Spirit'.

Nevertheless it was an enjoyable read and his ongoing dependence on the person of the Holy Spirit is inspiring.  He related the following story.

'I was once in a cafeteria eating a meal with my wife, Debbie, when I observed a muscular fellow and a woman I later learned was his wife carrying their trays to a table near us.

The moment my eyes fell on this gentleman, I knew something about him.  I recognised this knowledge as coming from the Holy Spirit because I'd never seen this man before in my life ...'

He approached the man and after some small talk added, "The Holy Spirit showed me a picture of you when you were a young boy.  I saw you sitting in your grandmother's lap, and you were crying.  She told you that God could make you strong like Samson if you promised to serve Him.  I saw you make that commitment to serve God and honour him with your life.  Well, God just told me that He kept His end of the deal, but you didn't keep your promise."

The man's chin began to quiver and big tears started rolling down his face.  He looked at his wife and she began to cry as well.  As it turned out, he'd just been telling her the story.

He said, "Sir, I was raised by my grandmother.  My father left when I was born, and my mother left just a few years later.  One day when I was about eight, some boys were throwing rocks at me, just to be mean.  One hit me in the head and put a gash in it, and I went home crying.  That's when my grandmother sat me in her lap and told me the story of Samson.  I promised God that if He'd make me strong, I'd serve him all my life.  I was just telling my wife that I've been thinking about that promise lately, but I didn't really even know how to approach God."

Robert led them to The Lord and they were both baptised the next week.

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