Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Disappointed with Driscoll

Okay, here is the truth.  I like Mark Driscoll.  I have watched a number of clips of him preaching and enjoy how he communicates.  I have read a good few of his books and recommend some of them to others.  So it saddens me that he finds himself in controversy so often.  Over twenty years ago I worked near Seattle and have often wondered what people there think of him; I guess he divides opinions there as he does here.

I love the fact that he can connect with certain groups that the church has failed to reach.  Yet, right from the first books that I read, I had concerns about his slagging of those who did not match his view of masculinity.  Now he is in trouble for comments that he made which were misogynist and homophobic.  He admits he was wrong.

What is the future for a Driscoll?  I don't know.  Just because someone has been in the spotlight does not mean they have to stay there.  Maybe it would be best for him to fade away from public view.  I would certainly be upset if he continues to give people excuses to dismiss the reformed charismatic theology he espouses.  I hope he will lose his taste for controversy and use his gifts more productively.  I hope that he will be more emphatic towards those who are wired differently to him.  I hope that in years to come those who oppose his beliefs will have trouble finding things in his character to criticise.

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