Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Thoughts on the election

You thought I was a fool, then I opened my mouth and confirmed it.  I am reticent to share any comments on the U.S. election for fear of showing how little I know.  But here are a few of my thoughts.

I was frustrated that our media is so one-sided.  There is an assumption that the Republican Party are sinister, yet no one is invited to give a challenge to this assumption.

While I would agree with the Democrats on many issues I find it hard to see beyond Obama's position on abortion.  I realise that this issue is very emotional and needs to be spoken of with care.  I don't want to put women who have had abortions on a guilt trip, but I do want politicians to defend the rights of the unborn.

Contrary to the stereo-type, the evangelical blogs I looked at did not tell people to vote Republican.  The Christian community in America Is too easily stereo-typed.

So it is good that the leader of the free-world is as personable as Barak Obama, and I am glad for many of the positions that he holds; but I can't bring myself to unreservedly engage in Obama-mania.

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