Friday, 29 June 2012

Two funny stories from Catholic Ireland

Dermot O'Mahoney is a church planter who attends our theological think-tank.  He told a funny story from a very different Ireland.

Many years ago people believed that priests had certain powers.  One of these superstitions was that priests could stick you to the ground.

Dermot's dad grew up at Saint Mary's Park in Limerick.  Apparently he was a bit of a character. 

One day a local priest approached them with his horse.  He asked the boys to hold the horse while he did something.

'Get a way out of that,' came the lads' reply.
'If you don't I'll stick you to the ground,' threatened the priest.
'Why don't you just stick the horse to the ground?' suggested Dermot's dad.

Another story.

My dad's father was a Methodist minister in Tralee.  One day he was walking along with his three sons and he was wearing his clerical collar.  Two women approached him.
'Morning, father,' greeted one of the women.
A few steps further the second woman corrected her.  'That's no father, sure doesn't he have three children of his own!'

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