Monday, 14 May 2012

Contraversial chapter 10

Chapter 10 of the Driscolls' book Real Marriage is the one that has attracted all the headlines.  It is entitled Can we ____?  This is to do with what they believe to be permissible in the area of sex.

They begin with a good point: 'if people don't get answers from pastors and parents, they will find them in dark, depraved places.'  Sometimes parents resist the church teaching their children about sex.  However, unless they are doing a particularly good job of instructing them at home they risk their child growing into a vulnerable and gullible adult.  Also, if the church does not teach young people about sex, we are leaving the task to some parents who may not be Christians and to the secular educational system.

The way the Driscolls deal with questions about what is permissible is to ask: is it lawful? is it helpful? and, is it enslaving?  You might want to borrow my book to see what they think is permissible.  It should be remembered that they see sex as being for marriage.  Realistically, I did not think that this chapter is overly controversial. 

An interesting comment about the Puritans.  They enacted the first laws anywhere in the world against wife beating (between 1640 and 1680).

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