Monday, 23 April 2012

Disgrace and Grace

Like the first chapter of Real Marriage, chapter 7 is autobiographical.  It is entitled 'Disgrace and grace' and deals with the sexual sin committed by Grace and the abuse towards her by a previous boyfriend.  She is wonderfully honest.  Her story reminded me of the need for the church to be a safe place for those carrying pain.  She includes a number of interesting quotes:
'We must name the troubling past truthfully - we must come to clarity about what happened, how we reacted, and how we are reacting to it now - to be freed from its destructive hold on our lives.  Granted, truth naming will not by itself heal memories or wrong suffered; but without truthful naming, all measures we might undertake to heal such memories will remain incomplete' (Miroslav Volf).
'God receives none but those who are forsaken, restores health to none but those who are sick, gives sight to none but the blind, and life to none but the dead ... He has mercy on none but the wretched and gives grace to none but those who are in disgrace (Martin Luther).
'The only way to move from denial, isolation, and self-protection is to look honestly at the assault that has been done to you.  Healing begins when the secret is disclosed and the shackles of silence are broken' (Justin and Lindsey Holcombs).

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