Thursday, 26 April 2012

Colombia dreams

In the last century Victor Landero, a humble farmer in the tiny village of Corozalito, had a dream about a house in the forest.  It was an ordinary house, but he had never seen that particular one before.  He heard a voice saying, 'The people in that house are dying without Christ because no one ever told them of him.'  He heard the voice several more times during the next few months, but he dismissed the dreams from his mind as not being important.

After eight months Victor told God he was willing to tell these people about Christ, if God would show him where to go.  He took a companion and went to look for the house.  About noon on the second day, there stood the house, in a clearing in the woods, exactly as he had seen it in his dreams.

The woman who came out of the house as he approached was astounded when she heard his request for a meeting that night in her house.  She had already seen him in a dream, three days earlier, standing in her home, with people jammed in wall to wall.  That night, all twenty-four of the neighbours who had come received Christ.  The next night, they all returned with ten more.  At the end of that night there were thirty-four new believers.

David Howard, who tells this story, visited the village a year later.  By that time there were about fifty Christians.

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