Monday, 12 March 2012

We need to talk about sex!

I am doing marriage preparation with Elton and Louise.  Now, Louise is a big Mark Driscoll fan.  So I decided that we would work through his new book on marriage.  I am going to post my thoughts on this book over the next few weeks.

Before I get into the book, I need to say that I believe that as a church we need to talk about sex.  As adults we need to talk about sex, but we also need to teach our young people about this subject.  We want them to have a biblical perspective on this.  If we don't teach them as a church where will our young people learn?  Do we really think that their schools will base their guidance simply on Scripture?  What if their parents don't believe the Bible's teaching and so give them mixed messages?  What if their parents are simply too to embarrassed to talk openly?

Anyway, the book.  I will deal with a chapter a week.

The first chapter tells Mark and Grace's story.  Those from a more egalitarian background will baulk at his belief that the husband should bear the entire financial responsibility for the family.  Those who are cautious about talk of prophetic insights will be uncomfortable with his description of a prophetic dream (in which God revealed to him that his wife had cheated on him before they were married).

They are very open about their sexual failures.  They write this book together and this opening chapter must have been particularly difficult for Grace to pen.  However, I found their openness refreshing and it gave me the impression that these are people that you could talk to about failures, frustrations and fears concerning marriage.  I look forward to my weekly chapter from this book.

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