Wednesday, 21 March 2012

The Healing of Uncle Dick

One New Year's day, before going to visit his uncle Dick, who was an invalid, the Holy Spirit revealed to Rees Howell (1879-1950) that it was the Father's will to heal him.  Rees' response was to think that it seemed 'too good to be true, and too great too believe.'  His uncle had not been able to walk for thirty years!

When he arrived at his uncle's home his uncle asked, 'Anything new from the Lord?'  Rees informed him about what God has told him.  His uncle needed a moment to take this in, went out to pray in the garden, and then returned with a radiant face.  'Yes,' uncle Dick declared, 'I am to be healed in four and a half months, that will be on May 15.'

The news was spread that Uncle Dick was going to be healed.  Two weeks before the date of the healing, the Lord made it known to Rees that he was to leave home for a few months, and that after telling his uncle he wasn't to visit him until after the healing.  When he went to inform his uncle, his uncle said that he would be healed at 5 o'clock in the morning and that he would then walk to the chapel and back (15th May was a Sunday).

On the night before the healing Uncle Dick was as bad as ever.  As usual he had to get up between one and two.  However, when he went back to bed a deep sleep came over him.  The next day he heard the clock striking five, and he found himself perfectly restored.  He called the family up to visit him, and there was a sense of solemn awe.  When he arrived at the church there was another time of thanksgiving.  People from all parts of the district came the next day to see him.  The Welsh correspondent of The Life of Faith, wrote an article in that paper about the wonderful healing.

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