Monday, 9 January 2012

Member's Meetings

Being new to the Baptist Association I have spent some time pondering the nature of member's meetings.  In our church at Limerick we are going to rotate the chairmanship.  It is my turn next.  So I thought I would get the members to fill in the following questionnaire. 

Rate in order of importance your understanding of the priorities for our member's meetings.
-The member's meeting should spend time in prayer and praise.
-The members meeting should give everyone a platform to express their views.
-The member's meeting should hold the pastor, elders and deacons to account.
-The member's meeting should spend time thinking about the church's vision.
-The member's meeting should spend time celebrating what God has done in the last few months.
-The member's meeting should decide how we spend money and decorate the building.
-The member's meeting should decide what events we undertake as a church.
-The member's meeting should give expression to our sense of being a church family.
Question: What would encourage more people in our church to become members?

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