Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Amazing blogging!

I love to hear accounts of amazing things that God does.  So on Monday, as I set off to Irish Preachers' Conference, I asked God to let me hear another such story.  My prayer was answered that night.

I got talking to a guy about blogs.  He said, 'let me tell you the best blog story.'

His wife was contacted by a second cousin who now lives in Australia.  The two women resumed their friendship.  They remembered how they had played as children in each others homes when they both lived in Dublin.  Their bond was strengthened by the fact that they realised that they had much in common.  They also discovered that both had become evangelical Christians despite the fact that neither grew up in an evangelical home.  My friend's wife asked her cousin how she come to such a faith.

Three things had iinfluenced her.  Questions that she began asking, a local church and primarily a blog that she was reading.  She explained that this blog was written by an Irishman.  Who was that blogger?  The blogger was my friend.  Completely unbeknown to herself, from the other side of the world this woman was reading the blog of her second cousin's husband, and God used it in bringing her to faith.  Amazing!

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