Wednesday, 11 May 2011

And God Changed His Mind ...

On Monday I picked up a second-hand copy of the book And God Changed His Mind ... because his people prayed, by Brother Andrew.  I remember reading Brother Andrew's book God Smuggler when I was much younger (about smuggling Bible's into Soviet Russia).  He is an inspiring person and author.  I have been deeply challenged about my lack of faith and my prayerlessness as I have read this book. 

I should also say that there are points in this book where I put a question mark beside the text, because I was in disagreement with a conclusion or two that he reached.  Nevertheless, this book has done me good.  He tells the following story:
A good friend of mine, Geoffrey Bull, who along with George Patterson was the last remaining missionary in Tibet when the Communists took over, was imprisoned for three years in a horrible prison.  He was so tortured and shattered mentally by his captors that finally he could not think anymore.  He told me that when his mind at last grew so paralyzed that he could not even pray coherent prayers, he said to God, "Lord, if I can somehow stand up in the centre of my cell, will You accept that as an act of worship?"  Each day thereafter until he was released, Geoff managed to pull himself to his feet in the centre of his cell, silent and yielded before God.  That was his prayer and his worship.

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