Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Wallstreet: Money never sleeps

On hearing that I go to the cinema on Mondays a friend asked if I would post some reviews.  This morning I looked up 'Christian Spotlight' to see what they would say about the Wallstreet sequel.  I was surprised to find that it achieved an 'above average' morality rating.

As things turned out I could not go this afternoon.  Instead I called in to Lisburn cinema on my way home from Belfast, having been there for a Council of Social Responsibility meeting.

On the morality front this film had little in the way of nudity or violence and the language was moderate but not excessive.  The one reservation I would have is that it does what many films do in glorifying revenge.  The love interest was not corny.  Some of the characters were played well and at two of the central players were very likable. 

Gordon Gekko is not out of prison (I did not see the previous film).  It is 2008 and we know the market is going to crash.  His daughter and her boyfriend are the other central (and likable) characters.  She wants nothing to do with Gekko, however her boyfriend gets in contact with him.  Her boyfriend is a Wallstreet type with a heart.  I won't tell you any more of the plot because it is late and I need to go to bed.  I had some trouble in understanding all the details but that didn't matter too much.

The Irish Times only gave this film two stars.  I would say that it is not a 'must see'.  But it is certainly 'worth a look.'  So I would give it three stars.  I enjoyed it.

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