Monday, 18 October 2010

Obedience not victory

This year we have changed the format for our small groups.  We were motivated by a desire to see the corporate prayer-life of the church enhanced.  Hence we decided that instead of the small groups meeting every week they should meet fortnightly.  On the weeks where they are not meeting we have a church-wide Bible study/prayer meeting.  Ian Bartholemew suggested that in these Bible study/prayer meetings we should look at Jerry Bridges's The Pursuit of Holiness.

Ian spoke at the first meeting and highlighted something that struck me with force.  Jerry Bridges says that 'God wants us to walk in obedience - not victory.  Obedience is orientated toward God; victory is orientated towards self.'

So often my attempts at overcoming sin are more motivated by a desire to feel good about myself than to seeking to please God.  That's what Jerry Bridges means by seeking to walk in victory rather than obedience.  So the motivation must change.  It is no longer to be about me pleasing me, but with God's help me pleasing Him.

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