Saturday, 21 November 2009

Fair Play!

I was watching the Republic verses France on Wednesday night. Obviously I was outraged by the 'hand of Henry.' In the context of that foul play I thought I would post this example of fair play.

Also Mr. Spence suggested a book that would be helpful in sharing faith. I have forgotten which J.John book it was. If anyone has good recommendations on books to give a friend I would appreciate your advice.

I have labelled this post under 'rugbology' even though this is soccer not rugby.


Anonymous said...

You insult footie with that label. Also, I still think Purpose Driving Life is still a good book to giver a seeker...I know it's not very original.

Daley Struggles said...

The J John book is "Breaking the News " very good it is too !

To whom it may concern said...

Thanks guys.

Mister Spence said...

I was thinking of "The Life"