Sunday, 22 November 2009

Fair Play (Part 2)

My apologies to Nick for insulting his precious 'football' with the label 'Rugbolgy'. Although I have my worries about the elitist social demographics of rugby (Northern Crammer School Prods, Posh Private School Dubs, with Limerick seeming to be the only place in Ireland where the game is played demographically) I still much prefer it to soccer (that may in part be because I was always selected last for football, and was okay at rugby for a few years).
Anyway in my last post I sighted Paulo De Canio as an example of fair play. This link shows that his behaviour was not always great:
Here is an example of fair play: (Does anyone know what it was all about? Love the way he pronounces Leicester).
Sorry Nick I am putting this under 'Rugbology'!
PS: Thanks Daley Straggles and Mr.Spence for your book suggestions. I plan to use one in our small groups and give the other to a friend.

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