Sunday, 12 February 2017

Chlldren's Talk: God tells us what to do because he loves us

Explanation:  I am aware that one of the purposes of God's commands is to expose the fact that we have disobeyed him, and so they cause us to look to him for mercy and grace.  However, recently I have been made aware of the fact that God also gives us commands because he is the perfect parent who wants what is good for us.  The commands of Jesus clearly demonstrate this.

toothbrush, carrot and DVD
sheets with the words 'love', 'truth', 'forgiveness' and 'Jesus'
a lemon, a stone and a drawing of a snake.

What to do: 
Put everything in the box. 
Call the children to the front. 
'In our house we have some rules.'  Take out toothbrush.  'What do you think the rule is about teeth?' (Wash your teeth in the morning and evening.)  Take out carrot.  'What do you think the rule is about vegetables?'  (Eat them with our dinner).  Take out DVD.  'What do you think our rule is about DVDs?'  (Don't spend all day in front of the TV and don't watch things that are not for your age).

'But here is the question?  Why would Caroline and I have such rules?  Is it because we don't want our kids to have fun?  Is it because we don't like them?  Of course not!  It is because we love them and we want what is best for them.  If they don't wash their teeth, their teeth will rot.  It they don't eat their veg, they will become unhealthy.  If they watch things that are scary, it will mess up their minds.  Caroline and I are very imperfect parents, but we know that good rules are good for our children.

'So what are some of the good rules that Jesus gave to his followers?'  (listen for answers). 

Let me show you three of his rules. 

Take out sign saying 'love'.  'You know what happens if you ignore this rule?'  Take out stone.  The Bible says that you become hard and uncaring. 
Take out sign that says ''forgiveness'.  'You know what happens if you refuse to forgive?'  Take out lemon.  The Bible says that you become bitter. 
Take out sign that reads, 'truth'?  'Do you know what happens is you speak lies?'  Take out picture of snake.  You become sneaky and deceitful.

So ask Jesus for the strength to obey his commands.  And you know what happens when you love, forgive and tell the truth?  Take out sign saying Jesus.  You end up becoming more like the person who gave us these wonderful commands.

Jesus tells us what to do because he knows what is best for us.

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