Saturday, 6 February 2016

Review: Rebellion

In a hundred years’ time, when they are celebrating the bicentenary of the Rebellion, people may want to know how Ireland celebrated its centenary.  They may want to be informed by viewing the major drama produced by the national broadcaster.  When they do they will learn as much about our time as the time being portrayed.
I must admit I like this short series.  I am definitely no expert, but the production and acting seem to be of good quality.  I know that some have said that these programmes are boring, yet I have found them engrossing.  I would have preferred more focus on the main figures of history however this is definitely a more sentimental, historically dubious drama.
I have some complaints.  For example, I thought that the sex scene in the second episode was totally unnecessary.  It made me wonder if this was appropriate viewing and adding nothing to the plot (forgive my puritanical views).   
So in 2116 what will they learn about 2016 from watching Rebellion?  They will see that we have a cultural hang up about the Catholic Church, and have a need to give it a little kicking when opportunity arises (Caroline says I need to be careful with this sentiment as I have no experience of what it was like to grow up Catholic); they will see that our culture wants to impose its understanding  of sexual liberation onto our forbearers; and, on a positive note, that we do not need to portray history as simply being a black and white battle of good versus evil.

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