Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Engaging with atheism

I'm sorry.  I have been really poor at posting recently, and when I have posted I have simply put up sermons.  Anyway I am being inspired by David Robertson's little book 'The Dawkins Letters'.
Image result for the dawkins lettersIf I was the editor for this book there are a couple of lines I would omit.  However most of it is fantastic.  It is short, engaging, well-written, entertaining and informative.  It is in the form of a series of letters written to Richard Dawkins concerning his book 'The God Delusion'.  It shows how shallow and ill-informed Dawkins arguments can be.

A much drier, but also concise book is written by Alister McGrath and his wife Joanna.  Alister is an Oxford scientist and theologian.  Their book is called 'The Dawkins Delusion' and is well worth a read.
A friend of mine, Graham Veale, has written 'New Atheism - A Survival Guide'.  Again this is a short book, and is a great introduction to the arguments put forward by the New Atheists.
I would heartily recommend watching the debate between Dawkins and John Lennox.  Lennox is an Oxford mathematician.  I find it interesting that it is Christians, rather than atheists, who circulate this debate.  Lennox writes a really good book entitled 'Gunning for God - Why the New Atheists are missing the target.'  This is quite a challenging read, but it is very interesting and hard-hitting.
Francis Collins is a world renowned scientist who was formerly head of the Human Genome Project.  He writes 'The Language of God - A scientist presents evidence for belief.'  I do not agree with Collins on every issue, and I found some of this book heavy going.  However, it is a well-made argument by a top class scientist.
Finally, I always recommend Tim Keller's popular book 'The Reason for God.'  It is a great book for anyone who seriously wants to think about Christianity with an open mind.

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