Saturday, 1 November 2014

Amy's dream

Amy Carmichael (1867-1951) was an Irishwoman who served as a missionary in India for many years.  She rescued many children from difficult backgrounds and brought them up in an environment of love.  Sometimes she had dreams that she learned to pay special attention to.

In one of her dreams she saw Muttammal (a girl who had been associated with her home and was residing in China) being married to Arul Dasan (a helper at her refuge).  The wedding was taking place in Ceylon (now Sri Lanka).  The dream was very vivid and filled with little details, like the fact that it took place in the Galle Face Church in Colombo and that neither Amy nor the Clifts (Muttammai's carers in China) were there.

Amy finally shared the dream with a senior helper Arulai.  He had been praying, for over a year, that the couple would marry.  So Amy asked Arul what he thought of the idea and he was pleased with the idea.  The couple began to write to each other and were soon engaged.

Plans were made.  It was thought that Arul would travel to China for the wedding.  But in 1917 the world was at war and the Clifts were leaving China.  It was seemed more sensible for them to take Muttammal as far as Ceylon.  The Clifts were in a rush to get home and were unable to wait in Ceylon for Arul to arrive for the wedding.

So the couple were married in the Galle Face Church without either the Clifts or Amy present, just as she had dreamed.

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