Thursday, 18 September 2014

My ten books

The current Facebook challenge is to name ten books that influenced you.  I thought about it and wrote the following lost.

1.  D. A. Carson, 'How Long, O Lord?'
2.  D. A. Carson, 'The Difficult Doctrine of the Love of God.'
3.  Ajith Fernando, 'The Call to Joy and Pain.'
4.  Jonathan Aitken, 'John Newton - From Disgrace to Amazing Grace.'
5.  D. A. Carson, 'Showing the Spirit.'
6.  Iain Murray, 'Spurgeon verses Hyper-Calvinism.'
7.  John Stott, 'The Cross of Christ.'
8.  Kenneth Bailey, 'Jesus through Middle Eastern Eyes.'
9.  Tom Hiney, 'On a Missionary Trail.'
10.  Michael Wilcock, 'The Message of Revelation.'

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