Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Good books to read on homosexuality

I am told that the best book, from a traditional perspective, on homosexuality and the Bible is Robert Gagnon's 'The Bible and homosexual practice'.  That been said I have not read it.  I intend to read it at some stage but have not time at the moment.

An interesting booklet is John Richardson's 'What God has made clean', with the sub-heading 'if we can eat prawns why is gay sex wrong?'  This is a great resource for understanding the relationship between the law of Moses and the Christian.

Three books written from the perspective of celibate gay Christians are Sam Allberry's 'Is God anti-gay?', Wesley Hill's 'Washed and waiting', Alex Tylee's 'Walking with gay friends', and Christopher Keane (ed.) 'What some of you were'.  Each of these are short, pastoral and readable books.

John Stott writes a thoughtful and engaged chapter on this subject in 'Issues facing Christians today' (4th edition).

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