Saturday, 19 October 2013

Amazing Grace

When I was fifteen my dad bought me a copy of 'Amazing Grace - the John Newton story.'  I recently re-read it.  I find the life of Newton to be fascinating.  I would also recommend the biography by Jonathan Aiken.

I thought I would list a few quotes from Newton.

Newton used to say that the point in all preaching was 'to break a hard heart and to heal a broken heart.'

Newton was mildly a Calvinist but in that age of fierce theological disputation he tried to 'keep all shibboleths, and forms and terms of distinction out of sight, as we keep knives and razors out of the way of children, and if my hearers had not other means of information I think they would not know from me that there are such creatures as Arminians and Calvinists in the world.  But we talk a good deal about Christ.'

On his death bed, when Newton was barely able to speak, he whispered to his friend William Jay: 'My memory is nearly gone.  But I remember two things: That I am a great sinner.  And that Christ is a great Saviour.'

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