Friday, 6 September 2013

Tender touches from God

Between 1897 and 1901 Oswald Chambers passed through a time of spiritual anxiety.  Only three times during these years was he conscious of God speaking personally to him.
Once, when sitting in his room late one night (at the the theological college where he was a tutor), his collie, Tweed, had come in through the window, put his head on Oswald's knee, looked into his eyes for a few minutes, then gone out again.  Another time, his door opened and in came the baby boy of the house, barefoot and in his night-clothes.  He came up to him and said, 'Mr. Chambers, I loves you.' And went back to his bed.  Again, while conducting a Christian Endeavour meeting, a mentally retarded girl walked down the church aisle and laid a bunch of withered flowers on the table.  A piece of paper tied to the flowers said, 'With love from daft Meg.'  Each event seemed to be a tender touch from the Father conveying His presence and love. (McCasland, Abandoned to God).

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