Saturday, 4 May 2013

Leo's lions

Our friend Leo Colgan is one of Munster's most prominent referees (his picture even features in the Munster program).  Anyway, we were at his house last night to play scrabble with himself and Tarah.  I asked him to give me his Lion's starting fifteen.  He thinks that Murray and Parling will be two players who will blossom on tour and work their way into contention.

1.  Healy
2.  Hubbard
3.  Jones
4.  Parling
5.  O'Connell (who will captain the side)
6.  O'Brien
7.  Tupuric
8.  Faletua (which comes up as 'false tuna' on autocorrect)
9.  Murray
10.  Sexton
11.  North
12.  Davies
13.  O'Driscoll
14.  Cuthbert
15.  Kearney


Mark J said...

I would change 4,7,8,9,12 and possibly 15 what's your test team?

To whom it may concern said...

Ah mark, I love you. I am sure you are glad to see Rory get included.