Friday, 18 January 2013

The Essential Guide to Healing

I have just finished reading a book that I picked up at New Wine last year.  I wasn't entirely taken with Bill Johnston and Randy Clark's 'The Essential Guide to Healing.'  However, one chapter that I found really engrossing was Clarke's chapter on Words of Knowledge.  This includes the following story.  
... I was in Odessa, Ukraine, teaching at a Messianic Jewish congregation (Christians from a Jewish background).  I saw a split-second mental picture of a couple of girls walking alongside a road.  A tractor came around the curve, pulling a sickle that cuts grass to make hay. The blade had fallen down without the driver realising it.  When he passed the girls, the blade almost cut off one girl's legs at the knees.  I thought 'this is a crazy word to give in a city.  If I were on a collective farm, it would make more sense.'  But I gave it anyway.
Immediately a woman in her sixties stood up.  She was the girl, and her injury happened just as I had described it.  Her tendons and nerves had been severed, and she almost lost her legs.  All these years, she could not bend her knees and was not able to walk upstairs unless she turned backward and swung her legs, which could not bend to the next step.  She was instantly and totally healed.

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