Thursday, 27 September 2012

What the church should be like!

The church should be a healthy, fruitful vineyard that will bring honour to Christ, a church after God's own heart where He can look at the travail of His soul and be satisfied.  Among the people should be a beautiful simplicity and a radiant Christian love so it would be impossible to find gossips and talebearers.  There should be a feeling of humble reverence and an air of joyous informality, where each one esteems others better than himself or herself, where everyone is willing to serve but no one jockeys to serve.  Childlike candour without duplicity or dishonesty should mark the church, and the presence of Christ should be felt and the fragrance of His garments smelled by His beloved.  Prayers should be answered so regularly that we think nothing of it.  It would be common because God is God, and we are His people.  When necessary, miracles would not be uncommon. (Tozer, Out of the rut, into revival).

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