Monday, 20 August 2012

Christ, above all!

Some people are noted for particular virtues.  For example, we might look at the mother of a lively child and admire her patience; we might be told of a brave voice speaking out against a corrupt regime—like Aung San Suu Kyi in Burma or Morgan Tsvangirai in Zimbabwe—and be moved by their courage; or, we might witness a life poured out for the world’s most vulnerable—like mother Theresa of Calcutta—and be inspired by their compassion.  But what single virtue stands out when we think of the person of Jesus?  The answer is that no one virtue stands out.  No one virtue stands out because he is perfect in all that is good.  No one virtue stands above all the others because in him all virtues reach to heaven.  His love does not stand above his courage; his courage does not stand above his sense of justice; and his sense of justice does not stand above his compassion.  The world has never seen another person quite like Jesus, for all good things are perfected in him alone.

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