Tuesday, 31 July 2012

The amazing God of Ma-Na-Si

I greatly benefited from reading The Kneeling Christian, written by 'The Unknown Christian.'  I think that this classic work on prayer originates in nineteenth century England.  In it the author includes stories of answered prayer, including the following.

There was a Chinese twelve year old called Ma-Na-Si.  He was the son of a pastor.
On one occasion a man on a horse approached him as he stood at the door of the house.  The horseman anxiously enquired about the 'Jesus-man.'  The boy told him that his father was not at home.  The distressed man explained that he had been sent to fetch the 'holy-man' to cast a devil out of the daughter-in-law of a pagan friend.  He described the young woman as tearing her clothes, clawing her face, smashing furniture and dashing away dishes of food. 
'But my father is not at home,' Ma-Na-Si kept reiterating. 
The man suddenly feel on his knees, and stretching out his hands in desperation, cried, 'You, too, are a Jesus-man; will you come?' Ma-Na-Si agreed and they went together on the man's horse.
As they galloped along Ma-Na-Si searched his heart for sin to be confessed and repented of.  Then he prayed for guidance with regards what to say and how to act. 
Upon arrival they found the woman being held down upon a bed by members of her family.  Although she had not been told that a messenger had been sent for a pastor, she cried out, on hearing Ma-Na-Si's footsteps, 'All of you get out of my way quickly, so that I can escape.  I must flee!  A "Jesus-man" is coming.  I cannot endure him.  His name is Ma-Na-Si.'
Ma-Na-Si entered the room, and after a ceremonial bow he began to pray.  He sang a Christian hymn of praise to Jesus.  Then, in the name of the Risen Jesus, glorified and omnipotent, he commanded the demon to come out of the woman.  At once she was calm, though prostrate with weakness.  From that day on she was perfectly whole.  She was amazed when she was told that she had uttered the name of the Christian boy, for she had never heard of it or read of it before.  That day marked a change in course for the people of that village.

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