Monday, 11 June 2012

From Rut to Revival (Part 2)

In our small group John T asked if we could have a video testimony of someone who was not American.  So here you go John!


Deuteronomy 1:6-8; Ephesians 5:13-15; 2 Timothy 1:3-8.

'In Scripture God never uses superfluous words.  He never says to a person who is wide awake, "Wake up!"  He never says to a person who is lying down, "Lie down!"  He never says to someone standing "Get up!"  And he never says to a person who is already stirred up, "Stir up!"  God never wastes His Words, and he never makes little speeches like a person called upon at the laying of a cornerstone.  Nor was Paul wasting words or giving a little talk that would be good just about anywhere.  "Stir up the gift of God that is in Thee" (KJV).  Timothy needed this, or it would not have been written' (Tozer). 

Why are we so prone to getting into spiritual ruts?

Tozer points out that somebody has said that 'man is made of dust and dust tends to settle.  People tend to settle down and do the same things year in and year out, slowly going around in a circle.  When this gets into religion it is deadly and evil.'  He goes on to explain that the law of human nature suggests that 'all valid acts must arise from a natural urge or from a convinced mind.'  Therefore, 'we must present the truth and let the Holy Spirit prompt them to want to escape.'

What truths can compel us to leave our comfort zones?
How can we open ourselves to God in order that he might give us the desire to change?

What verbs might God want to speak into our lives?  Spend some time with one word prayers.  These words are the verbs that God might be calling us to respond to. 
In our studies we are exploring both stillness and striving.  Perhaps we could put it like this.  'In matters of salvation be still, in matters of sanctification be ever striving.' 
While I despair at David Archuleta's Mormonism, and the fact that Mormons lift Christian hymns as if the writers would endorse with their belief system, I nevertheless love this rendition of one of my favourite hymns.


Anonymous said...

One thing that is different from your belief and David Archuleta's is that he doesn't despair at and judge your belief. He believes the same God, Jesus Christ, as his Savior and actually shows what a believer should be like. I am a Baptist but I would be a lot better believer if I did half of what he's done for God. Be Still My Soul and How Great Thou Art in acapella are my favorites.

To whom it may concern said...

Thanks annonymous,
I suppose I am in disagreement with you about Mormonism. My understanding is that Mormonism teaches that God was once a man who lived on a different planet and that it is not by grace through faith that we are brought into relationship with God. That is not to say that David is not a sincere individual who takes his faith very seriously. I just think that this faith is a different religion from orthodox Christianity.