Friday, 9 March 2012


I must admit I am exhausted.  While I normally take twenty minutes to fall asleep, these days I am out before my head hits the pillow.  I have decided that I would start to blog a few of my thoughts.

Limerick.  I think this is a great city.  I know that it has had its problems and has often been called 'Stab City'.  But there are things I love about this place.  It is a nice size (around 80-90,000).  It has a lovely situation on the river Shannon.  Some of the older Georgian buildings are grand.  The kids are very happy in their school.  Of course it is great to have Thomand Park here and be at the home of the Munster Rugby team (I have taken the stadium tour twice).

People.  I have meet plenty of interesting people since arriving here.  I have also got to know people from a variety of backgrounds.  Caroline has made friends with other parents in the school and they have become my friends too.  We are blessed to live close to come of Caroline's uncles, aunts and cousins.  It was great to go to the match last week with Caroline, Ronan, David Tanner (a friend from my own schooldays) and David's son Joe.

Home.  We have brought our own home.  It is a semi-detached on a nice quiet estate with loads of kids.  We live in front of a small area of grass on a cul-de-sac/square.  We have had a friend Jamsie in painting and Caroline will miss him when he finishes (he is a really lovely guy).

Church.  I still miss the great people of Richhill Methodist.  However, LBC has become a new home.  I love Sunday mornings.  I go down early and meet people as they arrive.  Being the south we don't start on time, people arrive in dribs and drabs.  We have a great mix of backgrounds.  The Christianity Explored course is going well (just before it started I realised how little I had prayed about it, but God has been very kind to us).

God.  I am reading quite a lot.  My reading focuses on spiritual need.  I divide reading between something of Tozer, something on the nature of church, something on Christian doctrine and some biographies.  Tozer and the biographies give me a stream of encouragement.  I am seeking to experience God more this year (I suppose the term is 'seeking God's face'). 

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