Monday, 28 November 2011


I am not a big fan of the whole Santa thing.  I don't want to be a kill-joy but it makes me uncomfortable when the kids ask direct questions about him.  Besides why should he take all the credit for the gifts that we buy! 

Nevertheless, on Saturday morning the whole thing took a terrible theological turn.  We were enjoying something of a lie-in when Anya came into the room complaining.  'Ronan says that Marvelle (a girl in his school) is not a Christian because she doesn't believe in Santa.'

Marvelle's parents are fine Christians who have decided to be honest about Santa.  Anyway I left the explanation to Caroline, who tries to frame explanations about Santa in a less deceitful way, and who told Anya to assure Ronan that you can be a Christian even if you don't believe in Mr. Clause.

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Nao said...

auk dear help them! Its funny... as much as the whole thing is a lie.. u don't hate your parents for doing it or think any less of God.. its part of growing up to have the whole magical side of chistmas.. to think that someone would be so generous to you..that loves you that much to buy so much... to not have santa is to miss out on childhood in my opinion!lol!