Monday, 26 September 2011

The 'r' has arrived and Christian films

Today I realised that Sian no longer call her brother 'Noney' (Ronan).  She has grasped her 'r's and now calls him Roney.  Caroline is devastated, and trying to teach Sian to say Noney again.

On Monday afternoons I go to the cinema.  This afternoon I first went to the swimming-pool for a sauna and swim.  I then went up to the church to collect some cards that David and Ruth had brought down from Richhill (David and Ruth were there for the induction service).  I felt sad as I remembered friends in Richhill.

I went to see 'Soul Surfer.'  This is one of the few films I have ever seen with an overtly Christian worldview.  I would say that it is really a film for teenage girls.  It is about a Christian girl who has her arm bitten off by a shark, while surfing.  She then overcomes this obstacle to continue her competitive surfing.  I actually cried during it (probably because I was exhausted and emotional having read the Richhill cards, I don't cry very oftn).

I thought that I should buy this film for Anya when it comes out on DVD.  This got me thinking.  Is it brainwashing kids to push Christian worldview movies on them?  I wonder if the brainwashing actually occurs the other way around.  Think about it.  Most films make little or no positive representation of Christianity or Christians.  America is a country with a significant evangelical population.  Yet if your assessment of America was based on movie representation you would assume that there are little if any Christian population in that country.

An interesting film for a Christian to watch is The Apostle (starring Robert Duval).  A film that portrays Christians in a positive light is The Blindside.  Interestingly Sandra Bullock initially was hesitant to play the lead in The Blindside because she was uncomfortable playing the role of a Christian.


Nao said...

oh my goodness!!I'm gutted she doesn't say noney any more =( shes growing up!!noo!!

Mr Veale said...

It's interesting that the Christian film "Courageous" has been in the Top 10 US films for the last few weeks.
Apparently very evangelistic; most secular critics are rating it as "OK "ish.