Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Creation proclaims the glory of the Lord

After Christmas we are going to be doing the new Christianity Explored course.  This morning I decided that I would watch a couple of the sessions.  In the first Rico Tice speaks of the witness of creation.  I have attached the following two clips, from John Piper, on this theme.


snauzer said...

Brother check this out, the Pope and the arch bishop of the church of england have openly said they have, due to the evidence must beieve in evolution.read the papers (should you require evidence of this i will willingly provide chapter and verse, but i think you know this fact,can't admit it????? could it be it would put you out of a job? or cause such same old script of yours to be binned.

finally wise and get real


To whom it may concern said...


I appreciate feedback, thanks. I personally don't feel threatened by the possibility of evolution. As it happens neither Cantabury nor Rome shape many of my opinions. My own feelings on this subject are somewhat agnostic. I suppose if I were to recommend some books I would point you towards 'Creation and Evotion: three views.' I think of Christians like Francis Collins, who is a Christian, leading scientist, and beleives that evoltution can be reconciled with his Christian convictions. What I could not take is a blind evolution (non-theistic evolution). I take from Piper the encouragement that such a wonderful creation points to a creator. I might also recommend Ernest Lucas's 'Can we beleive Genesis today?'
However, as I said I am agnostic on the issue of evolution. A book that I also found interetsing was 'Can Christian's embrace evolution?', edited by retired Queen's prof Norman Nevin. Nevin and co. suggested that evolution had significant questions left unanswered. Similar their is Lee Strobel's 'The Case for the Creator', although his many interviews with scientists went beyond my capasity to engage.
I don't think that whatever explanation for 'how' the universe was created need to undermine the reality of a designer. I am no scientist, but looking at what I see around me leaves me with a feeling that this can not simply be the result of 'singularity' blindly working itself out. There is also the question of where the stuff of creation came from. Surely something can't come from nothing, but then where did that something come from ...

I am not assuming that you are an athiest by the way.



To whom it may concern said...

Just read over comment, and noticed a 'their' instead of 'there'. It is noteworthy that posts on this topic tend to raise the temprature of people on both sides of the debate. When it comes to doing Christianity Explored in our church I will be recommending that people don't get tied down in arguements on young earth/old earth, the processes of creation etc. Bible-beleiving Christians have disagreed on these issues and it is worth reading from more than one perspective. For example amongst my favourite authors there is divergence. Stott beleived that Genesis 1 was a 'highly stylised theological statement', whereas Carson seems more in favour of the views of those from the Intelligent Design movement.