Sunday, 17 July 2011

Washed and Waiting

Having had a great time in New Wine we are now in Connemara, five miles from Clifton.  We are staying in Caz's granny's cottage.  She bought it for £100 in the 1960's.  It is very primitive, and because her folks won't let us put toilet paper down the loo (there is a problem with the water supply) I have ventured into town to a local hotel (her parents are burning the used loo paper in the fire).  I am also availing of the hotel's wi-fi. 

At New Wine there was a great seminar taken by a guy called Jonathan Berry, from New Freedom Trust.  Jonathan is a man who has struggled with homosexual desires since he was eight.  He was living with his partner when he ventured into a church and was converted.  He believes the traditional (and I believe biblical) view that sex is to be restricted to heterosexual marriage.  Jonathan could speak with an authority and insight that I, as a happily married heterosexual, could not.

I also purchased a book entitled Washed and Waiting by Wesley Hill.  Hill is also a homosexual Christian who seeks to honour God by living a celibate lifestyle.  The book is thoughtful and is helping me see the pain that such faithful people go through in their desire to please God.  It is also a challenge to develop supportive communities who can help people with all sorts of struggles.

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