Friday, 8 July 2011


Well it's the end of the first week in Limerick.  It has been some week.  While we still miss Richhill it is exciting to make new friends in our new home city and church.  I would tell you about all the people I have met but that would be an inappropriate thing for a pastor to do (confidentiality and all that), and it might give away the fact that I have not done as much visiting as I had hoped.  Much of this week has been spent setting up bank accounts, trying to get the cars registered etc.  It is only in the last hour that we have finally got broadband set up,

Perhaps the highlight of the week was heading up with Louise Lyons to the Moy Ross housing estate.  We had an evening of craic, spiritual talk and Bible study with some McCarthys.  Pa (junior) came to know the Lord through watching the God Channel.  He does a great gospel rap, that I intend to post on this blog soon.

I sorted out my books in the church study.  It made me realise how many I own that I have not read.  The next year I intend read books rather than simply buy books.

By the way I have been assigned a personal assistant (hi Barbara).  Poor Barbara is going to have to put up with how disorganised I am.

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