Tuesday, 17 May 2011

God save her ...

What an historic day!  The Queen visits Dublin, and only a hundred people protest.  Most people seem glad that she is here.  It seems that we are moving to a more mature relationship with 'the old enemy.' 
What an historic moment!  In the Garden of Remembrance she bows her head in respect to men who fought for Irish Independence.  I am still trying to process the significance of that.  It is a great acknowledgment of the legitimacy of the Irish state.  It recognises aspirations of those who fought.  However, I have never quite felt at ease about the events leading up to independence, given the apostle Paul's injunction to respect the civil authorities (Romans 13).  I regret the loss of life of both sides.  I also wonder if independence might have come more peacefully without the events of 1916.
I think today has been a good day for the Republic.  David Blevins will have an interesting few days reporting this with Sky.  I look forward to hearing his stories when he returns to Richhill.

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