Saturday, 2 April 2011

Sad times

What sadness to watch the news and see that a young police officer has been murdered.  How terrible that people would take upon themselves to do such a callous thing.  Even if they had popular support or a democratic mandate, neither of which they do, there would be no justification for this taking of life.  His family will be in our prayers as meet together for church in the morning.  Such awful pain for his mother to endure this mothering Sunday.

Then there is the folly of Pastor Jones in Florida.  With no thought of the consequences of his actions he insists on offending Muslims.  Of course the actions of those rioters in Afghanistan cannot be justified.  But what does Jones think he is at?  Surely those of us who care for the gospel of Christ want to build bridges and engage with Muslims so that they might experience the grace of God in Christ.


Virtual Methodist said...

Amen on both counts

Mr Lonely said...

take care ~~~ visiting here with a smile ~~~

Andrew said...

Hi Paul,

We too are in prayer for this bereft family. These are dark events - which we had hoped we would never have to revisit again.