Friday, 18 March 2011

Can anyone help me with Latin?

I was always useless at languages.  I had the most amazing Greek teacher in Edgehill but I still struggled with it.  Anyway, it is the following Latin that I need help with.  Cranfield is commenting on Mark 14:36 ( ... take this cup from me ...).  The concept of the 'cup' has its roots in the Old Testament (e.g. 'the cup of God's fury' in Isaiah 51:22-23).  Cranfield writes, 'any discussion of the Cross which leaves out of account Christ's bearing of the wrath of God is surely open to the charge: nondum considerasti quanti ponderis sit peccatum.  What?  Answers on a postcard!  


Virtual Methodist said...

"not yet considered how weighty sin is" an old saying of Augustine I am led to believe, tho I can find no citations.

To whom it may concern said...

Thanks Vitual Methodist, You are truly a minefield of information. Really impressed.

Anonymous said...

a quick google confirms have not yet considered how great the weight of sin is'