Monday, 22 November 2010

The type of people Mark Driscoll wants in his church

While I was not at Mandate to hear Mark Driscoll the couple of people I have spoken to who were there say he was excellent.  I have read a number of his books and would particularly recommend Vintage Jesus, The Radical Reformission and Death by Love.  I have lent my copy of the Radical Reformission to someone but have forgotten who.  As I come to the last few months in Richhill I am wondering how many of my books will be returned to me before I leave! 

I took down Confessions of a Reformission Rev and saw that I had underlined the following
I wanted a church filled with missionaries, Christians who are learning to be missionaries, and lost people.  I would not accept a church filled with Christians who did not give, serve, or reach lost people, because they invariably make themselves and their selfish desires the mission of a church and kill innovation and momentum.

I needed to labour to continually improve as a Bible preacher because there is enough power in the preaching of God's Word alone to build a church from nothing.
I was at the Aviva Stadium watching Ireland verses Samoa when David Blevins texted me from Mandate.  He wrote, 'Driscoll is excellent.'  I initially thought that he was commenting on the match and saying that Brian O'Driscoll was excellent (which David would be unlikely to text as he is not much of a rugby supporter).  Apparently Mark Driscoll's ancestors were O'Driscolls who dropped the 'O'! 

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