Monday, 1 November 2010

3 movies

Two weeks ago I took Ronan (4) to see Decspicable Me.  Although the plot was above his head it was a joy to hear him giggle at various points.  He enjoyed the film and so did I.  The plot centres around a villain who has his heart warmed by three orphan girls.  While I would not put this film on the level of Shrek (part 1), Monsters Inc., The Incredibles or the three Toy Storys it is not far off.  The Irish Times gave it four stars, which I think it well deserves.

Last week I saw Africa United.  This is a moving film based on a group of African friends making their way from Rwanda to the World Cup in South Africa.  The characters are well developed.  The plot is a little far-fetched.  The humour is gentle.  The themes are thought-provoking.  The Irish Times gave this film three stars.  I think it just about deserves four.

Today I saw R.E.D.  This stands for Retired, Extremely Dangerous.  It centres around some former C.I.A. agents (and friends) who find themselves being hunted by a C.I.A. assassin.  I did enjoy this film but thought that its characters felt shallow.  The Christian Spotlight people gave this an 'average' morality rating.  I actually thought that the violence was over-the-top and pointless.  I didn't think there was much with this one.  I would only give it two stars.

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