Monday, 6 September 2010

There has been some change in our son

On Saturday night we had two friends over.  However our evening was disturbed when Ronan announced from upstairs that he had swallowed a coin.  A couple of hours in A and E followed, and now we wait for the penny to drop.  Of the humorous comments made the next day in church the best was made by William H, who asked Caroline, 'have you seen any change in Ronan?'

In the morning I preached on Acts 1:1-11.  Then I hoped to begin a series on Ecclesiastes at Cafe church.  But as I looked over that sermon in the afternoon I felt dissatisfied with it.  If anyone has advice on good resources to help grasp the message of this book I would be keen to hear from you.  So I preached the next sermon on Acts (which I had already prepared).  The second half of Acts 1 is not that easy to preach.  The believers are waiting for the Holy Spirit to be sent, and they choose a successor for Judas.  I majored on the fact that they were constantly in prayer as they waited for God to act.  I also pointed out that as we are after the Day of Pentecost so we do not need to be waiting before stepping out in mission, we have the Holy Spirit for the task.  I repeatedly quoted Matthew Henry's words, 'When God wants to do something special in the world, he first gets people to start praying.’

I am off to the cinema this afternoon.  I was challenged by a Randy Alcorn book ('The Purity Principle') to be discerning in what I view.  As a result I check what I might go and see by .  I am off to 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid.'  I realise that this is a film aimed at teens but it was one of the only ones that appeared to be suitable viewing.

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