Friday, 28 May 2010

Blevins is back!

David Blevins (registered on our home phone as 'Daithi mo bhuachaill') is back. That's what the Sky News website is announcing today. After three years at the Irish Bible Institute the network's favourite fundamentalist will be working for them part-time. He will also be working with at Richhill Methodist.
While I really enjoy working with David, I am aware that I will not be the only RMC pastor who will partner with him. Because of the Methodist system of itinerancy I will be leaving RMC in July 2011. David has agreed to pastor here until June 2012. My successor will also have the privilege of working with him.

So how would I describe David to the person who follows me?
'David is passionate.' He is passionate about the gospel - in his studies he looked at the emerging church and was left unimpressed by its vagueness about truth. He is passionate about worship - and will tell you that worship is not just our singing but also our living. He is passionate about people - one area that he has excels in is getting alongside people who are going through difficult times. He is passionate about communicating - and is an excellent preacher and teacher. He is organised - which is a real blessing to RMC, given that I am totally disorganised. He is good for a coffee and chat. He will want you to be real with him. He likes his food (and walks a lot to ensure that it does not show!)

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