Friday, 4 December 2009

Why I am supporting England!

The World Cup draw has been made and I have decided that England will be one of my teams. The reason I want to support them goes back to 1990. That summer I was working in London as a waiter. The World Cup was on that year and the Republic of Ireland seemed to be winning it (that was how the nation viewed things at least). A girl I worked with (whom I happened to think was really nice, thus making her argument all the more persuasive) stated that when the Republic of Ireland was playing the English supported them, however, when England were playing the Irish supported whoever their opponents were. Good point!
So I am going to go against the typical Irish prejudice and support England (and Spain in solidarity with my friend Ytang, and a few others as well). That fact is that I have met many English people and they generally seem to be nice people. Mind you I have not thought out what my attitude towards France should be! Roll on the summer!


Anonymous said...

It's the Netherlands for me. I will throw myself off a building if England win it. Although we all know that the irony will be that France will win now.

Neil Alton said...

Nice argument there Paul but I'm afraid I have already ordered my USA football top! I don't actually have anything against the England football team its the English press and commentary team that I can't stand